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With over 50 years experience in Open Die Forging activity, Rough-Machining and Heat Treatments, we supply companies among the most important operating in Energy Power and Generation, Oil & Gas (petrol chemical / off-shore), Heavy Mechanics, Shippings Infrastructures and Metallurgy 
Forgiatura San Giorgio was founded as a partnership in 1958. It was originally located in Canegrate ( MI ), via Varese n.10, covering an area of about 4000 mq.
In 1976 it became a S.p.A ( Joint-Stock-Company ).

In 2001, in order to continue the steady process of development requested by always new and pressing market challenges, Forgiatura San Giorgio transferred gradually all the activity in a new modern site, placed in via Alessandria n. 9/11 in Canegrate –MI- and covering 12000 mq , designed to be more efficient as for production and warehousing, easily accessible by heavy trucks and well connected with the most important ways, highways and railways.